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Use Winscp to sync files from Windows to Linux

Winscp to copy files from windows to linux

Updated Mercurial Batch Pull/Update Python Script

Push/pull script in python for multiple repositories.


Tolerance Testing - Determining an Appropriate Tolerance

Programming with floating point values leads to numerical round off errors due to the nature of binary numbers

Team Combinations from a Limited Pool of Players

I had to determine an arrangement of teams from a player pool. Specifically there were 9 players that needed to be organized into fair teams

Sync files from Windows to Linux using SSH

Over the weekend I decided to figure out how to sync files between windows based computers and Linux

Speed Up Factor

How are viewing times effected by speed factors

Sequential Generation from an Index Value

Generate a sequence of letters from monotonicly increasing integer

Rsync between Windows Folders

Rsync between windows folders


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